Alba instalaçao.jpeg


Maddalena Ugolini

8 December | 6pm 


Alba is a gesture that falls into the world, that is born and dies constantly with it. It is a story carved by hand with clay. Alba is the instant before birth, a word that is on the tip of the tongue, the moment before the jump, the life that appears in the infinite space between two bodies. Alba is a spacious passion, a compassion that lets things unfold, cares for, lightens, glimpses, the iridescence, the glow, the dawn. Alba is the story of an encounter that only through the fertile action of the spectator can exist.


90 minutes


Livraria Ler Devagar -  Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103 - G 0.3, 1300-501 Lisboa


Concept, living installation, design set

Maddalena Ugolini


Dancer, choreographer, founder and teacher of Dança Imaginal®. After working with dance and photography in the United States, in 2017 she mastered with a thesis about Body Imagination and she moved to Lisbon, where she founded her project “Dança Imaginal”. Her last work “Take me somewhere nice” was presented in March 2020 at the Galeria Vera Cortez in Lisbon.